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How to Reach Your Customers with Content

Generating new content remains one of the best ways to attract eyes and buyers to your services.

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3 Tips to Generate Content Ideas


Generating new content remains one of the best ways to attract eyes and buyers to your services. However, what happens when you run out of ideas for new content? What do you do then? When that time comes, you can use these 3 tips to generate content ideas quickly.

What are your competitors doing?

Keeping tabs on your competitors is important. You’ll know what their latest products are, you can identify any upcoming threats to your business, and you’ll know probably know the latest news in your industry.

Discover what your customers are doing and why they might like to do business with you. Browse their website, their blogs, their social media accounts, their forums, or online directories to find out more. See if you can put your own spin on things and then generate content out of that information.

Make bold predictions

You can check the latest trends in your industry, and try to foresee the future based on this trend. Because you have a better feeling for your customer, anything you suggest will have them in mind, which will go along way toward giving them confidence in your company. When you’ve established your brand as a thought leader in your niche, then it’s okay to make even more bold predictions (a.k.a. educated guesses) about the future.

Ask them where they would like to see their company headed, do they have any trends they have begun to notice, or what do they think is coming that they are not prepared to face. Of course, you can’t exactly see the future, but if your predictions come true, then you’ll only be cementing your status as an industry leader.

What are people asking?

You can find many new discussions on the question and answer sites on the Internet. The top one right now is Quora, but Yahoo! Answers still remain popular. There are also plenty of forums and industry-specific pages and groups on Facebook. Look at Reddit for answers. If you keep your ear to the ground, you’ll find plenty of questions (and answers) you can use to build your content on.

Usually, a specific industry will be talking about the latest trends or worries. Check your blog’s comments and see if anyone has shared something unusual or interesting. You can even ask people on your mailing list to tell you what kind of content they need or want to read.

Michael Sommermeyer