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Guarantee PR Placement by Using a Rifle Shot

A targeted press release guarantees placement of your press release in 3 highly regarded news sites with high domain authority.

targeted press release

The Benefits of a Targeted Press Release


The old press release went out in the hopes some newspaper would publish it or at least mention your company.

The new targeted press release incorporates audience-building tactics to deliver your message to a potential customer.

The old press release usually failed. The new targeted press release works every time.

From this point on, when we talk about press releases, we are talking about the kind that works every time to deliver your message to potential customers.

There are 3 main benefits to a targeted press release:

  1.  Media interest and attention to your site;
  2.  The traffic this produces; and,
  3.  The benefits in search rankings.

Search rankings come from:

a) the way your page is optimized for your target keyword; and,
b) the number and quality of links to the site mentioned in the press release.

Obviously, you want to post your press release on your own site. This will solidify authority: Google and the other search engines will give you high credit for your credible news. Now, the next step is to find a way to get it out there.

The old method uses a shotgun to send your news out to thousands of sites with the hope it will be picked up and referenced. This is how PR distribution sites work.

What you need to do is make sure your news gets read by millions by using a rifle shot.

A targeted press release guarantees placement of your business announcement in 3 highly regarded news sites with high domain authority.

This strategy works because it directly places three unique articles about your business or service to reach more than 8 million monthly readers. Plus, you have a guarantee that your three articles will pass editorial review or you will receive a refund.

Target 3 Top News Websites 

This is the power of a rifle shot as opposed to a shotgun blast. Your targeted press release hits your target rather than hitting the edges. This strategy can help you reach a wide global audience and build exceptionally strong online PR for your brand.  Plus, each article will include one link to your website’s press release and an image of your product or service. Finally, this option is superior to PRNewsWire/PRWeb as it ensures unique anchor text on each news article on sites with a high domain authority (important to Google, Bing, etc.).

This will improve your reputation and get the word out about your business and the work can be completed in 3 days. You can find out more here.



Michael Sommermeyer