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5 things needed on your website

5 Things Needed on Your Website

Websites should provide a service rather than just window dressing. Make certain that your website provides something of value to visitors. Here are five simple tips to help convert a passerby into someone who wants to learn more. You can convert a “potential” client into a “actual” client by providing these options to visitors.

Obtain Their E-mail Address

Offering a resource that cannot be obtained outside of an email address is a good way to entice a lurker to reveal himself. This could be a newsletter, a free online coaching video, a subscription, or anything else as long as it is hidden behind a wall with contact information as the key. Once you’ve received it, use it to expose visitors to your work.

Provide Visitors with Scheduling Options

People prefer the ability to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments at their leisure. An online calendar that clients can use to schedule appointments without your involvement is one way to provide convenience.

Show What You Can Do

This is not the time to be shy. When someone visits your website, demonstrate that your knowledge is exceptional and absolutely necessary for their success. This can be accomplished by providing a small e-book or by recording a video interview so that visitors can get a sense of who you are.

Enable Visitors to Spend Money

While it will require far more effort on your part, try to include a shopping cart on your website. Visitors will be able to hire you right away as a result of this. They won’t be able to stay away once they learn more about you.

Respond to your Ideal Client’s Best Questions

This is essentially your website’s Frequently Asked Questions( FAQ) section. Assuming that many potential clients will have similar issues, why not include a section that lists frequently asked questions and answers? This informs website visitors that you have dealt with similar issues and that you understand how to handle them.