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Unique Selling Proposition

What Makes a Brand Rise Above All Others?


The best brands know their Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and then go and find customers who want what their USP offers. Sometimes a brand is created to fit a group of shoppers and the USP comes out of that market research. Other times, it requires you to think about what you offer that is different from your competitors and how you can showcase that difference.

When it comes to figuring out a USP for your business, you’ll want to  start by taking notes about how your business is different from the competition.

Here are a few ways to get started:

1: Write down the reasons your business is different from the competitors. Look for things that cannot be easily duplicated.

2: Think about 5-10 phrases that apply to your business. These should be keyword phrases that identify your products and  services.

3: Write down the features and benefits in regards to your products and services.

4: Analyze and determine what need you are fulfilling when someone chooses your business.

5: Write a statement as if it were coming from a customer, identifying what’s in it for them. This is key because it helps you look at your business from a potential customer’s perspective.

With this list of 5 critical answers, you’ll be able to form a snapshot of what your business is about and how it differs from others.

This is a great starting point when coming up with an Unique Selling Proposition and finding a unique way to make your brand stand out.